Posted on: January 17, 2008 3:58 pm

Are "Distractions" a real issue or a media issue

First, I must say that I posted this on the NFL threads before I realized it sounded more like a blog entry. This is my first time using the sportsline blogs. My apologies to anyone who has already read this on the NFL boards...

So much is made of "distractions" during an NFL season and its effect on a team. For instance, we hear debates on whether a player like Chad Johnson and his publicized TD dances are a distraction to his team or not.

Last week, the media focused on Tony Romo and his trip to Mexico. In the AFC, Tony Dungy and whether he would remain the choices was dubbed a "distraction."

Do you think these "distractions" effect the players while they are on the field in the heat of battle or are they just something the media brings up if the "distracted" team losses?

I suppose "distractions" may enter a teamates mind after a mistake during the game. For example, if Romo made a bad read, a teammate may think to himself that perhaps lack of focus prior to the game is effecting his performance now. Even then, is that because the media made so much of the distraction?

This week, the Randy Moss alleged assualt/battery issue has raised a media debate on whether Randy Moss and his "distractions" will be a detriment to the Patriots.

I want to hear member's opinions on whether these "distractions" really come into play on the field or if they are a media sensation off the field. If you think they are a factor on the field, do you think they affected last week's game (Cowboys v. Giants or Colts v. Chargers)? Do you think "distractions" will play a part in this week's games?

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